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The National Offender Management Information System (NOMIS)
for project’s cost reduction, the aims of the revised National Offender Management Service (NOMS) and the progress made, the impact of the delays and rescoping on the costs and benefits achieved, and NOMS ... ’ fitness to deliver. The aim of one integrated information system (C-NOMIS i.e. National Offender Management Information System) was to improve information sharing about offenders; address the lack ... of continuity and follow up of interventions with offenders as they move within the prison system and between prison and the community; and to provide a clearer alignment of prison and probation work ... Rescoping necessary, but not fully successful ... An initiative to build a single offender management IT system for the prison and probation services has not delivered value for money. The NAO investigation found the project had been hampered ... by poor management leading to a three-year delay, a doubling in project costs and reductions in scope and benefits.
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National Audit Office , issued in 2009
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