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Federal Human Resources Data
Internal control weaknesses may put mission at risk GAO audited the Enterprise Human Resources Integration payroll data warehose. The American auditors pointed at problems that may impede 'leverage of these data to meet its mission and allow others to make full use' of them. The critical internal contols areas to be improved in this cas are: completeness, accuracy, and validity of information, authorization, documentation, monitoring, results' evaluation.
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General Accountability Office , issued in 2016
Risk cases: 2
Staff scheduling in government institutions
Scheduling irregular hours work Danish Rigsrevisionen shows in their study problems with staff scheduling in government institutions where employees are required to work irregular hours. Optimized staff scheduling contributed to reducing payroll costs. On the other hand, problems with rearrangement of work, recording working hours, optimisation of staffing levels and analysis of overtime triggers - add up to high costs of workforce. IT is not always used as ally either.
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National Audit Office of Denmark , issued in 2015
Risk cases: 5
Insufficient monitoring of consultancy work in large-scale IT projects
Insufficient monitoring of consultancy work in large-scale IT projects The German Federal Ministry of the Interior did not sufficiently plan, monitor and control consultancy work in two large-scale IT projects, not being thus able to evaluate the amount of work done and pay accordingly. It was recommended by SAI the establishment of a quality management system and its application mandatory for large-scale IT projects
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Bundesrechnungshof , issued in 2017
Risk cases: 1
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