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Management of Information Resources of the Ministry of the Interior
management. Their impact is important not only because the Ministry manages 16 information resources, which ensure data availability to the population, efficient activity of the services, and operation ... of the Schengen collaboration tools. The quality of IT management in the Ministry shall also affect the activities of other state institutions: from 05/01/206, the list of public information resources consolidation ... of the audit was to assess the management of information resources in the Ministry of the Interior. We assessed how the Ministry ensures planning and organisation, monitoring, assessment and coordination ... ... Process maturity examination can help in IT audit ... also flaws in change management and security processes. But the finding, which gave them the key to the root cause of problems, was connected with maturity assessment of the auditee's IT processes. ... Main risk areas in case of this audit were strategic and organisational - Ministry’s weak ownership of IT resources, insufficient audit and internal control function. SAI Lithuania auditors found
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National Audit Office of the Republic of Lithuania , issued in 2016
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