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Open Government Data - Are all exceptions to the principle of cost-free access and reuse legitimate?
secretariat for government modernisation (Secrétariat General pour la Modernisation de l'Action Publique - SGMAP), in conjunction with the Minister with responsibility for the budget, to "assess the business ... /> In order to address this issue, the commission has endeavoured to base its considerations on:<br/> - the work done on a regular basis over the last twenty or so years by Government on issues relating ... The United Kingdom, a country seen, like the United States, as a pioneer in open public data, has estimated at £6.8bn (€7,9bn) the revenue in 2010 and 2011 generated for British society by open ... ... Open data strategy should decide the costs problem ... French Cour des comptes presents analysis on implementation of the open data practice across the administration. Massive savings are expected, when public access to large amounts of highquality data ... is made easy. France is among the pioneers and countries making the most rapid progress in this domain. Charges for the reuse of the public information has been identified as the main problem.
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Cour des comptes , issued in 2013
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