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Effectiveness of internal controls in the protection of personal data in national databases
of internal controls which must ensure the accuracy and preservation of data and avoid information leaks. ... The NAO analysed seven national databases in order to find out how the legitimate use of personal data is ensured. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, the agencies who run databases ... must ensure that personal data is protected from abuse. The information system of the database must function appropriately, incl. be reliable and safe. Log files must be retained of all instances ... ... Basic controls analysis can fail in data protection ... Estonian SAI analyzed personal data safety. Main finding were: poor log analysis and unprotected data.
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National Audit Office of Estonia , issued in 2008
Risk cases: 2
Centralisation of support services of state authorities
Most goals of centralisation of support services were achived Centralisation of support services of state authorities has generally been successful, the quality of accounting has improved, and accounting has become more effective. The objective of saving on costs was not achieved. It would be beneficial to analyse the implementation of a similar model in local governments, i.e. concentrating the accounting services to central units in order to improve the quality of accounting and make work more effective. It would allow saving working time on doing routine accounting procedures and use this time more for financial management, which helps to use public funds better and more expediently.
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National Audit Office of Estonia , issued in 2018
Risk cases: 2
Results of the development of the state’s information systems
The National Audit Office has repeatedly audited the management and development of the state’s information technology (IT) area in the last ten years. The last audit was performed in 2005. After that ... , several measures have been implemented in the state to organise the development better and to guarantee that the systems are compatible. This audit gives an opinion of the results of development project ... management and the state’s coordination mechanism in this process. ... ... Success and failure depend on preparation ... Conclusions of performance IT audit based on a sample of government projects: business portal, land register, e-police, fire safety monitoring system, childcare information system and the document ... management system of the Defence Forces. Key problems and discussion with auditees are presented.
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National Audit Office of Estonia , issued in 2010
Risk cases: 3
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