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Open Data Trend Report 2015
How to activate the open data policy The Dutch SAI looks for ways to improve open data practice in the Netherlands. They point at experience of two leading countries: UK and US, and advise to: prepare a concrete action plan, to increase number of mandatory published data, to develop government-wide data inventory and to put open data to work.
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Netherlands Court of Audits , issued in 2015
Risk cases: 4
Correct information at the right time in healthcare and nursing – collaboration without effect?
The Swedish National Audit Office has conducted an audit to determine whether Government initiatives have contributed to the objective that authorised healthcare staff shall have access to the right ... patient information at the right time by means of direct electronic access. ... ... Information share is crucial for competitive health care ... the Government and the municipalities must improve if the investments in better access to common patient information shall get impact in practice. ... Health and social care staff has very limited access to patient information from other care-giving institutions, which may lead to health damage and wrong-treatment. The cooperation between
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Riksrevisionen (Swedish National Audit Office) , issued in 2011
Risk cases: 3
The implementation of national IT projects in social and health care
IT management expenditure in public administration totalled about 2.1 billion euros in 2009. IT management expenditure by local authorities and federations of municipalities in the field of health ... care totalled about 270 million euros ino 2009. Health care's share of IT management expenditure in public administration thus amounted to about 13 per cent in 2009. ... ... IT-centred manner of project implementation can harm IT investments' results ... SAI Finland perfomed a vast review of IT projects in health and social protection. Many interesting findings cover structural problems, as 'Many separate systems with no future' and characteristics ... of poor governance, as 'No cost monitoring - unclear objectives - arguable usefulness'.
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National Audit Office of Finland , issued in 2011
Risk cases: 3
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