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Management and development of IT systems in the Ministry of the Environment
of the Ministry of Environment, but focused in greater detail on four of them: the Environmental Register, the Estonian Nature Information System, the Environmental Permits Information System and the Land Cadastre ... . The audit revealed that the correctness and reliability of the environmental data was guaranteed to a considerable extent. The exception here is the Environmental Register, which contains considerably more ... errors than the others. Although this is the main register in the Ministry of the Environment and should be the most reliable, it has not been funded or developed accordingly. The Ministry has still ... ... Estonian environmental information system needs reforms ... by the Environmental Register. ... Correctness and reliability of the environmental data is guaranteed to a considerable extent. However there is a need for redevelopment of environmental information systems, particularly
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National Audit Office of Estonia , issued in 2013
Risk cases: 2
Copyright Office Needs to Develop Plans that Address Technical and Organizational Challenges
, the Copyright Office registers about 500,000 creative works a year for copyright and records documentation related to copyright transfer and sale. In recent years, the Register of Copyrights has discussed ... The mission of the Copyright Office, a service unit within the Library of Congress, is to promote creativity by administering and sustaining a national copyright system. As part of this mission ... the need for a modernized Copyright Office, to include upgrades to the current IT environment. ... No justified investments without IT strategy ... GAO shows in its report on the US Copyright Office, what is a role of IT strategy in organisaion. Effects can be found at the bottom and at the top: the lack of strategic plan can make it more ... difficult to solve practical problems, but it can also put the overall mission of the Office at risk.
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General Accountability Office , issued in 2015
Risk cases: 2
Management of Police Information Resources
Police tasks of the necessary data are processed departmental registers, information systems, automated data processing systems and networks where information is stored, processed and transferred ... , monitoring, evaluation and coordination and other aspects of registers and IS strategic management. The audited period was 2012-2014. For the analysis, there were used previous data and data of 2015 ... to the classified information. The police department has all of these information resources, so the audit focused on the activities and actions of the Department to ensure planning and organizing of the recourses ... ... Fundamentals of IT organisation ... Review by SAI Lithuania makes readers aware that nowadays it is difficult to develop a larger IT system without whole conceptual infrastracture: planning composed into strategy of the organisation ... and well understood architecture of information. Well functioning IT management structures, which on the other hand may sound trivial, were proved here as the key to success.
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National Audit Office of the Republic of Lithuania , issued in 2015
Risk cases: 4
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