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Australian Taxation Office: Administration of Australian Business Number Registrations
More elligibility and data integrity needed The Australian Business Number (ABN) and Australian Business Register initiatives were implemented as part of theGovernment's comprehensive reform of the taxation system in 2000. Their introduction involved challenging issues of technology and governance , including the imperative to process and register significant numbers of applications in a short time. Overall, the Australian SAI concluded that the ABN registration process is operating effectively. However, matters relating to the eligibility of some ABN applicants need to be reviewed. Further, some data integrity issues remain outstanding.
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The Australian National Audit Office , issued in 2003
Risk cases: 3
VAT risk assessment - better use made of information generated by inspections on company premise
Tax inspections may add up to the VAT risk assessment, but... The audit by the German BRH shows that general tax inspections on company premises can also reveal facts that may be relevant for VAT risk assessment. 'However, this information cannot be adequately used for VAT risk assessment because it is not available in electronic format.'
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Bundesrechnungshof , issued in 2016
Risk cases: 1
Identifying and meeting central government's skills requirements
Start with well managed responsibilities UK Departments have invested heavily in skills development. Government estimates that expenditure on formal training, including salary costs of departmental learning and development staff, was £275 million in 2009-10. NAO identified weaknesses of the system which start with devolved responsibilities, lead to: weak data, mis-profiled trainings, doubtful personal decisions, lack of well-targeted evaluation - and finish at more expensive buying-in and retaining key skills...
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National Audit Office , issued in 2011
Risk cases: 6
Population registration - uphill quality work
Quality of population register The Swedish NAO notes that quality requirements for population registration are highand that quality work should concentrate on the errors that have the most seriousconsequences for society. They point then at the need to increase knowledge of the errors, improve IT tools and governance to receive more quality work.
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Swedish National Audit Office , issued in 2017
Risk cases: 4
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